Marti's teachings give me a way to remember the wisdom spoken in the landscapes of indigenous people worldwide. She is a master communicator; her way with language provides refreshing clarity for understanding how light, consciousness, and thriving go together. Marti is an ideal mentor. She leaves me with no other choice but to stay on a fierce path of personal and collective healing.

- Karen Wosje, PhD, Human Nutrition Research Scientist and Shamanic Teacher

Recently, a student asked me ‘What’s intuition?’

I replied ‘It’s the ‘other world’ shifting your perception so it can deliver a message to you. It’s a particular faculty of awareness in you doing its job – perceiving and understanding, precisely, the language of light.’

Shamans use this faculty all the time – they are master perceivers of light, of possibility, of life-evolving actions. In fact, every human has this unique ability. In its un-initiated form we call it ‘intuition’. In its initiated form it is the pin-point, accurate skill of the shaman’s luminous awareness, the key to all great visionary and shamanic work.

Shamans are also masters of accomplishment. Using their initiated vision to inform and laser-focus their actions, they are able to bring into being what most people only dream of. For the shaman it’s not just a matter of seeing the invisible, or even doing a healing or divination here and there. It’s a matter of living actively in luminous awareness, in fully empowered relationships and highly creative endeavors, none of which are limited by personal history, doubt, or fear. The shaman isn’t looking for safety or endpoints; he is busy perceiving definitive pathways of manifestation, along which he uses precise technologies to actualize possibility.
This is the core of the Shaman’s Light program:

To train you – in precise shamanic skills and technologies, beginning with the shaman’s unique awareness

To initiate you – transmitting through traditional rites and guided practice the principles, powers, and vision of the shaman in his conscious engagement with the world

To mentor you – in the imaginative, ethical use of the shaman’s awareness, skills, and wisdom so you can craft a great, contributory life no matter what your passion or profession.

If shamanism kindles your imagination, or you simply know there is more to life than meets the ordinary eye, please contact Marti to see if the Shaman’s Light training program is right for you.


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