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People always ask me ‘What’s intuition?’

And I always reply, ‘It’s the ‘other world’ shifting your perception so it can deliver a message to you. It’s a particular faculty of perception in you doing its job – receiving and understanding, precisely, the language of light.’ The reason it feels vague and uncertain is that you haven’t been told the secret to accessing its full power. This is what indigenous initiation and mentoring is for.

Shamans use this faculty all the time – they are master perceivers of light, of possibility, of life-evolving actions. In fact, every human has this unique ability. In its uninitiated form we call it ‘intuition’. In its initiated form it is the pinpoint accurate skill of the shaman’s awareness, the key to all great visionary and shamanic work.

Shamans are also masters of accomplishment. Using their initiated vision to inform and laser-focus their actions, they are able to accomplish what most people only dream of.

For the shaman it’s not just a matter of seeing the invisible, or even doing a healing or divination here and there. It’s a matter of living actively in the shaman’s luminous awareness, in fully empowered relationships and highly creative endeavors, none of which are limited by personal doubt or fear. The shaman isn’t looking for safety or endpoints; he is busy perceiving definitive pathways of manifestation, along which he uses precise technologies to actualize possibility.

Most importantly, the person who is initiated as a shaman, no matter the culture, is the one who is initiated in the ways of consciousness and whose role is to steward the evolution of consciousness as the primary source of well-being.

This is a skill set we sorely need in the modern world, and it is applicable to all professions and life roles.

To train you – in the indigenous technologies of consciousness, beginning with core skills in the shaman’s unique awareness, called ‘luminous awareness’.

To initiate you – transmitting through traditional rites and guided practice the principles, powers, and vision of the shaman in his conscious engagement with the world; and providing an environment where the practical application of core shamanic skills generates meaning, power, and healed states on your life path.

To mentor you – in the imaginative, ethical use of the shaman’s awareness, skills, and wisdom so you can craft a great, contributory life no matter what your profession or passion.

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