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Shamanic work is not intended to be esoteric, it is intended to be practical, to fuel abundance, and to evolve us into higher levels of consciousness. It is intended to grow our vision of the world and what is possible. It is designed to give us the strength and focus to take evolutionary leaps in all things – in loving, healing, nourishment, play, relationships, professions, leadership, creative endeavors – everything.
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Sometimes at Shaman’s Light we say that WOW means ‘Working in the Other World’, but really it’s all one world, isn’t it? So here are other ways people say WOW about the Shaman’s Light™ Experience, which we engage for your lives and our world, here and now:

  • Training with Marti is like getting access to the operating manual for the universe.
  • Marti, I wanted to thank you, once again, for a magical experience. The power of your work never ceases to amaze me and crack open more levels of light.
  • Marti, your fierceness, patience, and strong heart with us is an act of love and power on our behalf. It keeps us moving forward.
  • Thank you Marti! The breadth, depth, and profound practicality of the wisdom you hold, and how you ‘be’, continues to energize me! You are a library, an inspirational treasure trove, and a great person & mentor. Thank you for being a big light on my path.
  • This training is not just about collecting information. It’s about learning to use powerful principles to strengthen myself and drawing on them everyday to evolve my life. It’s like muscle building. The more I put into it, the more I get out of it.
  • Big thanks to you, Marti, for a life-changing training session, delivered with such love and impeccability! I am already experiencing deeper connection in my life and in the universe.
  • You have taught me new ways to look at myself and the world, your encouragement has been invaluable, and you have helped me steward my soul to its home. I’m eternally grateful!
  • Before, when I wanted to do something new, I always prepared first and then did the ‘job’. Now I realize that the work of Shaman's Light IS the preparation – the kind that reveals our creative focus in life as we go.
  • I am deeply struck by the brilliance of the teaching and mentoring, and how we are learning to support each other through sharing our processes. Marti, I thank you for this particular class. It was just what I needed to hear.
  • Marti’s visioning and guidance continue to move me into a new relationship with time and energy.
  • This work is profoundly life-altering. All my life I have been trying to construct myself with advanced college degrees, consciousness-raising classes, and more self-help books than I can count. Now I live in my own power and I hear the voice of my own soul.

The Shaman’s Light Journeys are a core part of the training experience. These incredible journeys give Shaman’s Light™ participants the opportunity to meet, learn from, and be further initiated by the same indigenous shamans who initiated me.
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