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The work we engage in is hands-on, professional-level shamanic training, and the teachings revealed to the students go far beyond what is available in ordinary Western settings.

The itineraries are built around ritual work, teaching and discussion, and initiations in the most powerful sacred sites. Our days are spent with the shamans – learning, sharing, and growing together as we engage the great powers of place and the principles of their shamanic traditions.

Our participation as students of these traditions has far-reaching effects in supporting the shamans’ communities, keeping the traditions alive and flourishing, and awakening our own deepest vision and abilities.

There is no doubt these powerful trips crack open luminous awareness, empower medicine bodies, and fuel many life-affirming actions. The friends made on these journeys are priceless, and the heart opening that occurs is forever. With each journey we weave another thread into the global fabric of rising human consciousness.

Currently these journeys are open only to participants in the Shaman’s Light™ training program. We are focused on our yearly journeys to Peru, where there is a significant cross-cultural transmission of wisdom in progress. And we are holding the vision that in future we can re-instate some of our itineraries to other continents and cultures.

Shaman’s Light™ exists because you, amazing students, show up! It is because of your dedication, curiosity, courage, love, genius, and vision that we are able to bring the vital wisdom of indigenous cultures and consciousness to modern life and its challenges. It is because of your presence and strength, and your pioneering approach to life, that we are re-igniting our consciousness, and applying indigenous wisdom in radically new and empowering ways in the modern world. All my shaman hats off to you - you are an expression of consciousness evolving! And remembering the Andean teaching that wisdom is encoded in beauty, know that you are beautiful!

My thanks to you also for the many extraordinary photographs that enrich the pages of our new website. My deepest gratitude to the brilliant and talented international community of Shaman’s Light paqos!

My deep gratitude to my colleague and friend, José Luis Herrera, Peruvian shaman and teacher, for his far-reaching, ground-breaking work in keeping the original shamanic traditions of Peru alive and thriving. He is an inspiration and a true steward of the wisdom. His generosity in sharing his unparalleled resources, staff, and connections make our Peru trips possible. Sulpayki turachay!

My deep gratitude to my colleague and friend, Dr. Larry Peters – anthropologist, psychotherapist, professor, and initiated shaman practitioner and teacher specializing in Tamang and Tibetan shamanic traditions. His extraordinary work in Nepal and Tuva have earned him high honors and surely a future place in heaven. It is Larry’s decades of skilled and devoted research and practice with the shamans of these cultures that opened the gateways for our trips to Nepal and Tuva and provided us with absolutely magical resources, connections, and support staff for each journey. Dhanyabad dhai!

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