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A shaman is a master of consciousness – an initiated person who uses that mastery to create states of well-being and thriving in his world. In becoming a modern shaman, you learn how to create meaningful states of well-being and thriving in your life now – for yourself, your work, and your world.

To help you attain this mastery, you’ll be gifted 2 keys in the Shaman’s Light™ training program:

  • 1. Mastery of the shaman’s state of luminous awareness
  • 2. Mastery of the organizing principles that underlie all shamanic ways of knowing, relating, and taking creative action

As these principles are revealed to you, you are taught how to use them the way they were originally intended – to grow you, fully and passionately into the genius you actually are and create pathways for your gift to be received in the world. In the process of mastering luminous awareness and receiving multiple levels of shamanic initiation, you develop for yourself a new way to walk in the world, a new way to understand life and your place in it, a new way to be your power and your passion, fully connected, as a collective and thriving member of life.

You are unique, and all shamanic traditions recognize the value of an individual’s unique genius. Shaman’s Light™ offers you the context, the empowerments, and the guidance to bring your unique value forward in life and grow it by leaps and bounds, but as every seed has its best ground for growth, we’ll take some time to see if the ‘ground’ at Shaman’s Light is right for you. So we’ll start with a phone conversation. When I speak with you, I’ll be able to help you see what benefits this kind of training might bring you. And if what I offer is not right for you, I’ll do my best to help you find other trainings or experiences.

  • Call or send an email to schedule a personal phone interview with me.
  • I’ll review the program with you and we’ll discuss how it can benefit you.
  • Attend a qualifying event. This usually means the Preview Day, and you’ll receive registration information during your phone interview.

If you sense the importance of coming into full consciousness...
If shamanism or indigenous wisdom sparks your imagination...
If you know there is more to life than meets the ordinary eye and you're hungry for practical ways to empower your life, your community, and your professional path...

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